Dark Side Music

Legacys Biography

Legacy fell from the heavens when Lucifer failed in his rebellion. Though he didn't serve in Lucifer's army, he angered God by not choosing a side. Legacy could see both sides of the argument. Man were made in gods image. They were his favorite.  Legacy didn't need god's favor.  He was content as a General in his army. He was asked by Lucifer to join him. He declined the invitation, but sealed his fall from grace by not reporting Lucifer's plans. Truth is Legacy secretly enjoyed the suffering of man. There pain pleased him greatly. He knew Lucifer's plan would fail, but also knew the aftermath would cause centuries of pain for Gods chosen children.

After his fall he refused to follow Lucifer's rule on earth.  He knew Lucifer was only striking out against the humans to anger God. Legacy does it for fun. If not for being cast into the pits of hell, his thirst for blood would have destroyed mankind long ago.







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